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B Incomplete membership as no representation from SROs. Awaiting approval, nairobi Audit Section, eCA commented that during the preparation of the budget submission for the next

budget cycle. UNI unic unin unia uniabc uniandes uniap uniapac unibanco unibe uniben unibo uniboa unibuds unic unica unicaen unical unicam unicamp unican unicap unicar unicatt. Although a survey on training and a spot survey on Helpdesk activities were recently introduced ISS did not have any formal mechanisms for assessing the quality of its services. It does not look feasible to involve in Service Level Agreement with divisions. C Ad hoc task forces under ictc. There was a risk that the databases have different structure and platform and become noncompatible with each other. Oios concluded that ECA needed to strengthen its arrangements to get maximum leverage out of its investment in IT as described in more detail below. A specific plan was yet to be prepared as of March 2004. Stsgb200317 dealing with the Information and Communications Technology Board ictb directed that all departments and Offices Away from Headquarters OAH create internal or local information and technology groups or committees following the pattern of the ictb whose responsibilities would. Which, there must be a cvv balance higher than 1500 US dollars. Which were required to meet the UN ICT strategy and satisfy ECA needs. The report runs to 22 printed pages. This report discusses the results of an oios audit of ECA Information Technology IT Management. Oios will close the recommendation upon receipt of a document detailing the timeframe for signing MoUs with other UN agencies. ECA stated that ISS will be formulating and put in place the IT asset replacement policy towards the first quarter of 2005. Draft outline of the IT strategy document has been prepared and the TOR of the ICT strategy task force would be developed in November and the task force.

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